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for now let's call her cleopatra.
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I am not Pete Campbell. Sorry about that.

I like bright colors, television, Kanye West and a lot questionable YA. Among other things.

No real friending policy. Just comment if you want in, I'll add you back if we have stuff in common. Comments are screened to protect the innocent or what have you.
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for now let's call her cleopatra.
06 December 2013 @ 07:30 pm
holiday love meme 2013
my thread here

Updating is hard when real life is boring and you're not really fangirling over anything. ONE DAY I will give this place the attention it deserves.
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for now let's call her cleopatra.

Livejournal! Tumblr has become UNUSABLE with no tumblr savior / wrap around tags sooooo HERE I AM, JUST WHERE I KNEW YOU'D BE. Plus I never really talk on tumblr anyway, talking is for twitter (@sincethewreck FOLLOW ME) I don't know what type of post this will be because I'm lazy as shit and also boring BUT LET'S DO IT?

Spam me, maybe? Or just talk, what's going on with you guys???? I still have the watch the Arrested Deveolpment s4 finale, work is awful, life is boring, my grandparents are coming in tonight so #prayforkendra and ummmm TEEN WOLF IS HAPPENING SOON, APPARENTLY? I also want to get back into the groove of writing but that is always a goal so u know.
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for now let's call her cleopatra.
11 April 2013 @ 04:59 pm

Made by request and cause I'm supposed to be packing and doing my taxes and I'm avoiding both like a motherfucking champion. Recommend stuff or ask for recs etc etc. You guys know how this goes now.

I want a nude lipstick for instance, HELP.
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for now let's call her cleopatra.
05 March 2013 @ 06:04 pm
Livejournal! It's been too long. I owe you an update majorly but I'm not here to discuss my own petty life as we stand on the edge of war.

I'm here to talk about Fandom March Madness.

This is my yearly "I am a goddamn monster during FMM I hope you can deal with it" post. I AM THE WORST DURING THIS TIME OF YEAR. The rules of friendships during FMM are NO RULES!!!!! I will probably be going against things you love, sorry but not really! I'll see most of you as me again in like a week when my spirit has been trampled on by how basic and boring the internet is and I no longer care!!!! I LOVE THIS TIME OF YEAR!!!!!

MAIN TARGETS: Sherlock as always, Teen Wolf DEPENDING on who is chosen, anyone who I'm supposed to vote for "for feminism" aka JOAN WATSON STANS PLEASE FUCKING WATCH YOURSELVES. I'M WITH YOU BUT LET'S NOT. and probably some others that will pop up.

IN SHORT: I'M BEATING dudski in the office pool this year IF IT'S THE LAST GODDAMN THING I DO.

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